About us


About us

In today’s world there are hardly any borders, transparency is key. Executing business in a direct and efficient manner by shortening the supply chain is being increasingly desired and automatically supported by the continuous digital environment. An overload of online information at various sources is the consequence.

ShrimpForYou.com provides valuable and reliable information at one concrete source, where both producers and importers can easily connect, interact and transact directly by offering and requesting product. Offers and requests can accurately be fine-tuned based on specific information such as size, glaze, origin and ingredients. Even Packaging Design and Product Development belong to the multiple services provided by ShrimpForYou.com

Rather receiving offers from producers that work according to a Sustainable Code of Conduct? At ShrimpForYou.com you can easily fine-tune your inquiry. Just using ShrimpForYou.com as an informative tool? No objections.

We sincerely welcome both importers and producers at ShrimpForYou.com. 

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“The Online Business Community where
producers and importers connect,
interact and transact directly”

• Administers pending offers and inquiries
• Provides valuable and reliable news
• Displays price statistics
• Includes sustainable insights and more